About us


A few words about us

We support children of Lagos.

All contributions to Sunchild will form the basis for many children in Nigeria and Africa; HOW these children will grow up and WHO they will become.

As a non-profit organization (ngo) we try to protect and guide these children through the challenges of their poor and sad lives. In February 2019 we traveled to Lagos, Nigeria and we were able to verify ourselves how the situation is getting out of hand.

In Nigeria, up to 90.000 children could die this year from severe malnutrition. The situation is growing worse by the day if we don’t act now, many more children risk losing their lives. Imagine how a child with no home, no protection, no means to provide for himself or herself could survive. The children are our society’s most vulnerable and marginalized group.

Within the limits of available funds, Sunchild will make education and feeding for disadvantaged and excluded children a top priority. With every action and every gift that makes Sunchild stronger, we strive for transparency at the same time and that is a promise that we make to you.

But we realize that the most important factor for Sunchild is the child itself, children all over the world, but let's take a first step in Lagos, Nigeria, where the lovely children are grateful for 125 cents or where a two-year-old boy comes to feel the skin of my leg to ensure that the white color does not stick to his little index finger.

It is not about who has the power to fight for the future of these children, it is about who has a heart for it. Every child needs a champion, also the child who is forced to beg or collect food scraps from patio tables, also the child who is sent to school without food and also the child who gets flogged because the school fees are not paid. Children who look up to us with 1 big question in their eyes; WHEN CAN I EAT A BIT?

For the first years of Sunchild, we want to start with extra attention to child poverty, injustice, education, food and medical support.

We will do this together with a very reliable organization in Lagos, called LGGPM, we know these people personally and we are 100% sure that we can trust them.

The main needs are food, clothing, education, housing and medical assistance.

LGGPM regularly cooks for the needy in the environments each contribution ensures that they can feed more hungry.

Food distribution is therefore an important point on our list and part of this point is of course a social kitchen, for which we need a building and kitchen design, permits a kitchen team etc ...

A Sunchild building is a step further, where we can give children first aid and guide them further to a safer and healthier home than the street. Children can provide food and clothing and any medical assistance.

And if we continue to dream, there will be a small school, a giveaway shop, redecorating slums, building streets, in short creating a humanitarian life, because that is the least that every person deserves.

We will at least keep you informed in our journey of hope and big dreams for people who also need our respect.”

Love & hope,