School building


The overall goal of this project is to build schools and provide basic necessities so that all schoolchildren in Nigeria can stay in school and learn in a conducive environment.

As a passionate organization that consistently strives to turn bad situations in society into good ones, we want to provide safe and hygienic school buildings, in addition to Sunchild's long-standing support of school fees, books, notebooks and uniforms.

Good infrastructure helps improve student performance and improve the school system. Creating a conducive learning environment can lead to increased enrollment and help improve learning and teaching. Good facilities at school influence the health, behavior and learning of children at school.

Sunchild's new school buildings project concerns a new school building in Ogun state Nigeria.



A project to support the much needed renovation of the ASCL STAFF COMPREHENSIVE SECONDARY SCHOOL. Follow us on Facebook to support this project!

Watch our update about the renovation of the second class block:

Watch the state of the school back in august 2021 on video: 

To gather support and funds we are organizing a new event: 

Some more pictures: