Our Trip to Nigeria


Our trip to Nigeria, Lagos

1 februari -11 februari 2019 \\ Evaluation

The most tragic images are engraved in our memories forever, the most warm encounters are fixed on our photo archive and the most helpful warm people,… it certainly did not leave us unmoved.

Nigeria is a country where most simple Nigerians are kind-hearted people who only want and can survive without their leaders, ... survive ... day after day, they have no choice, they have no future, their main concern is whether they have something to eat today.

Lagos is a relatively safe city but it scores low in education and health for its residents. As a country in Nigeria, it has the most non-school-age children in the world and it has scored highest in infant mortality, due to no health care.

The elegance of the people, how they behave, the respect, the friendship, the society, even if they live on the street, it is something we no longer know here.

Buying ingredients in the street where one of our confidants lives was already quite an experience, a friendly good day was called from all sides.

This boy was over the moon when we gave him 50 naira.

You can divide the 50 by 400 to calculate the amount in euros.

That is 0.125 eurocents!