26 september 2019

On the 26st of september we enjoyed a delicous diner at the italian restaurant Francesco at Kapellen to the benefit of Sunchild. 

Nigeria is perhaps the most important African country, with enormous natural resources and a large, ambitious population. Yet it scores poorly for human development and is at the top of the corruption lists Politicians and the wider Nigerian society bear their share of responsibility, among other things because they have not carefully managed the oil resources and have neglected all other sources of prosperity. The arrival of the major oil companies has disrupted all traditional values and relationships. The Niger Delta was already less developed anyway, but suddenly a village lay without pure drinking water, electricity or school less than a kilometer from an enclave where all modern facilities were available. Nigeria should not have let that happen. Poverty, inequality and corruption are closely linked there. That trio of bad governance is not only disgraceful but also disastrous. The result is a deep DEEP gap between the population and the leadership of the country, the leadership that is often expressed with violence.

The best way to combat poverty in Nigeria is by investing in education. That is why Sunchild has decided to organize a + parenting, and we can proudly say that meanwhile 5 children are supported in going to school and their basic maintenance, while + parenting started less than a month ago. The next generation must be protected and we do that through the smallest victims of this maladministration in Nigeria, to give the opportunity to go to school. The richer Nigerians (and there are!) Have a very strange vision of their poorer countrymen; Their motto is; keep them poor and stupid and they will continue to work cheaply for us, which naturally draws on a form of pure slavery and as a result most do not get opportunities or even cannot support their families. The most important thing for Sunchild is that we can provide the children with healthy food, pure water, medical assistance and basic clothing and that is why Sunchild has the dream to build "the house of hope" in Lagos, Nigeria, close to the slums, where we can provide these small treasures with all basic humanitarian needs and a decent human life. Everything, but then EVERYTHING goes from the hand of Sunchild directly to the children and the homeless, apart from the people who take care of these children, there are no intermediaries.